Qualification requirements
Working experience in programming, engineers, operations, infrastructure, etc.
It does not matter which language, years of experience or educational background.
Do not hesitate to apply even if you only have little experience.

Work Locations
Osaka Head Office
Project locations(Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo, etc)
※We consider your wishes as decide
※There will be no relocations other than those who wish to move.

Working Hours
9:00 - 18:00(Actual work time 8 hours)
★ 60% of emplyoees are leaving on time.

Salary decided according to experience, ability and personal wish.

Holiday and Vacations
Annual holiday: 125 days
Complete 2 day off per week (Sat, Sun)
Puplic Holidays
Golden Week
Summer vacation (3 days)
New Year holidays (3 days)
Paid Holidays (Paid holiday completion rate 100%)
Special leave
Marriage Leave
Parental Leave

Raise (by individual assessment)
Bonus once a year
Transportation expenses (up to 50,000 Yen per month)
Complete social insurance (employment, workplace injury, health, welfare pension)
Housing allowance (5,000 Yen per month)
Dependent allowance (5,000 Yen per month, 1 child: 5,000 Yen per month)
Position allowance
Profession allowance
Birthday allowance (10,000 Yen)
Suits allowance (20,000 Yen per year)
Qualification support money
Subsidy for moving (only in case of transfer with consent)
Company housing system
Reemplyoment System
In-house sales system (you can buy drinks and sweets at a discount!)
Health check-up (once a year)
Social Gathering (once a month)
Club activities (astronomical observation, survival games, etc.)
※ Social gatherings and club activities are not required to participate.

For application, please contact us by e-mail after attaching your resume. Please try to send a Japanese version, too.